Thursday, September 21, 2006

Brassia - spidy large

Oncidium - burgundy

Oncidium - orange brown small

Oncidium - yellow small

Brassia - star fish medium

Thursday, September 14, 2006

That's all for now

I am finally done up loading all the pictures. There are a few I did not take pictures or have not bloomed since I acquired them. Also a few that are new to the family since I got mugged.

Cymbidium - pink large

Cymbidium - white fuscia lip medium

A pendulous cymbidium, spike long 3 to 4 feet hangs upside down.

Cymbidium - iron red medium

Cymbidium - champagne rose large

It's now located in San Diego.

Cymbidium - pink star medium

7 spikes this spring, good producer.

Cymbidium - plain white small

This is the most unflattering plant. When I bought it, it was budding and I thought it would be yellow. Very disappointed.

Cymbidium - pale green pink lip large

Looks like large butterflies.

Cymbidium - pale green pink spotty lip medium

One of those non-invasive color soothing to the eye yet attractive.

Cymbidium - jade white lip small

Cymbidium - green red lip large

Apple green petals, sharp contrast with red lip.

Cymbidium - jade red spotty lip medium

Clusters of flowers on each spike, 3 spikes this spring.

Cymbidium - Yellow red lip large

Large cluster of flowers, 9 spikes of flowers bloomed for 8 months. Awesome!

Cymbidium - yellow giant

Flowers are as big as half of my face. Gorgeous!

Dandrobium - orange giant alien bug

Odd looking flower, however extremely exotic. One of my favorites.

There might be the most number of exotic species in dandrobium, however only the common kinds are available on the market.

Dandrobium - jade spider purple lip

On top of my favorite list. Amazingly exotic!

Dandrobium - yellow lavender lip

Lotsa flowers on each spike.

Dandrobium - curly blushing bride

Dandrobium - blushing bride

currently blooming for the second time in the same year. Yay!

Dandrobium - Yellow fragrant

Lots blooms, light fragrance, clear and refreshing.

Dandrobium - white fragrant

Den. Spring Jewel 'Miki' AM/AOS
(Mild Yumi x Hatsushimo)
First release in North America. Delightful fragrance. This clone received an Award of Merit from the American Orchid Society at 2002 Taiwan International Orchid Show. At the time of award it has over 113 flat beautifully proportioned snow-white flowers on four canes up to 17 inches tall. Flower substance excellent and crystalline texture. Nearly flawless,archetypal quality for the Den.monififorme-nobile complex of plants with compact growth habit. Fragrant!

Dandrobium - Pink fragrant

Dandrobium - lavender

Dead. Not enough water, too much water, I don't know.

Miltonia - pink

Miltonia - viral burgandy

Miltonia - white purple heart

Oncidium - yellow giant dancing lady

American obesity, 3 times the normal size dancing lady.

Oncidium - yellow dancing lady small

typical size, quarter lip size.

Oncidium - spider tiger

My love

Oncidium - coconut cocktail

my favorite

Oncidium - brown spider

Oncidium - brown white lip

blooms profusely

Oncidium - red white lip

Oncidium - red butterfly

Oncidium - tiny red fire ball

Oncidium - tiny pink lady


Oncidium - curly burgandy

Oncidium - brown lavender lip

Oncidium - purple tiger

Oncidium - lighter version of cheetah lavender lip

Oncidium - cheetah lavender lip

aromatic scent, a bit medicine like.

Oncidium - white star

Odontoglossum - splashing wine

My mom's favorite color. It's too colorful for me.

Odontoglossum - lacy pink

Odontoglossum - lacy yellow red spot

Odontoglossum - lacy greenish pink